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Here is an example to show you what “more” means: using MoreWEBpages

a member that went to 134 HTTP webpages would use the same amount of data

they would normally use, without MoreWEBpages, to see only 100 HTTP pages.

Members sees an average of 34% more HTTP pages while only using the

amount of data they’d use without MoreWEBpages to see only 100 HTTP pages.


MoreWebpages is completely dedicated to solving one of the Internet's LARGEST ( lol ) problems affecting most people that have data limits on how much they can download per month. The LARGE problem is webpage BLOAT. BLOAT is all the extra data you have to download even if you don't want to !

You can be using the best smart phone or tablet or you can be surfing the internet using a PC over satellite internet and BLOATED webpages will rob your data plans of valuable MB wasting your data.

We all see them - attractive web pages with beautiful pictures, wonderful videos and ones that have a lot of text information and probably a lot of ads too. All of these are great features that make websites more amazing and visually interesting than ever before.

Here is the catch, these “Better” websites cause you to use too much data so you are using up your data plans faster. That's where steps in. We help defend you against paying more money each month for simply surfing the Internet. Many website creators do not take much time to think about the size of the website when it's created and the ones that do seem to think bigger is better. That's why we are dedicated to reducing the data size of these bloated sites before they get sent to you which makes them get to you faster too.



There is a good chance you do quite a bit of web browsing. You can reduce the data used by your web browser by using MoreWebpages, our data compression proxy. Become a Member and enable our proxy settings by either installing our Apple Profile or changing your browsers proxy settings. This allows web pages you visit to be sent to MoreWebpages cloud servers first. Our cloud servers compress the pages you request and sent to you - smaller and faster. They will be smaller downloads, so you’ll save data on your normal browsing activities. For security reasons, secure HTTPS websites won’t be compressed by our proxy servers.

You probably have found images yourself that use too much data because they were way too high quality in the first place. We make them into very good quality images which saves your data. If for some reason you ever think you want to see the original image we provide you with a way to do that but we think doing that would be a real waste of your data.

Try it a few times and see if you can tell the difference. Our guess is you won’t be able to so just save your data and see another webpage.


Cloud Ad Blocking

THINK ABOUT THIS: Imagine you are at a bar with friends and you order an 18 oz. draft beer. Normally you don’t pay attention to what happens next but tonight you do. Tonight you watch as the bartender puts 2-3 good size ice cubes into the glass first and then proceeds to fill your 18 oz. glass with beer from the tap. You get the full glass and pay for it. Is everyone happy? I don't think so!

News Flash: think about it like this … your cell phone data plan is like the 18 oz. glass … the bartender is like the Internet … and the ice cubes are just like internet ads. The ads use up your data plan (fill your glass), using the data plan you pay for. Then they really ruin things by diluting your beer. It’s a bad experience for most users.

Paying for ice cubes in your beer is like paying for something and not getting it. Here’s the kicker, if you could look into the glass I am sure the ice cubes would look a lot like those damn internet ads!!

BOTTOM LINE: you are actually paying your money to see their ads.


Content Supervisor

Our Content Supervisor (CS) caches content on our cloud servers so it can be delivered to you much faster than if it has to be delivered all the way to you from the actual web site. When you use MoreWebpages it is likely your request for web pages will only travel to our cloud based servers. That is faster than going all the way to the web site servers and then back back to you.

The Content Supervisor servers also purge (remove and update) old content constantly so that only the freshest and most relevant content is delivered to you. This is an old technique known as content invalidation which allows the website content in our caches to be updated when necessary.

These CS benefits will help your Carriers / ISP's network perform better giving you an improved surfing experience if you are a satellite internet or smartphone user with limited data plans.


Control Video Traffic

Our Video Traffic Controller performs a lot of sophisticated technical things to help videos play better. There are no data savings associated with these technical features but they do improve the video watching experience and they also speedup the loading of some webpages. Our Video Traffic Controller is designed to maintain the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of video traffic from the global internet system to your device.

The Video Traffic Controller function is one that requires highly specialized technical knowledge and programming. Our Controller applies these specialized rules to keep videos content safe from colliding with other data to move it along fast and efficiently through the internet until it quickly arrives on your device.


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